Development of cities on the Eurointegration route:
experience of the Visegrad Group countries for Ukraine


Joint International Project of Institute of Society Transformation (IST) and International Visegrad Fund

Chief of the Project - Dr. Oleh Soskin,
Institute of Society Transformation Director

International Visegrad Fund (http://www.visegradfund.org) was found in 2000 in the frameworks of the Treaty, signed by Prime-ministers of Visegrad Group countries. From 2006 Fund started to engage Ukraine to its international projects. IVF External Coordinator in Ukraine is Mrs. Anar Rusnakova (arusnakova@zoznam.sk).

Main objective of the project is studying of reforms and Eurointegration experience of the Visegrad Group countries, its implementation to the municipal practice of the Ukrainian cities with the purpose of local communities approach to the European prospect. To achieve this objective such tasks a proposed for the realization:
1) to consolidate, develop and spread the experience of partnership relations that have already been developed between cities of Ukraine and the Visegrad Group countries;
2) to adopt experience of V4 cities in the sphere of municipal management European standards implementation to the practice of Ukrainian local self-government. Realization of this project will promote deepening of cooperation between Ukraine and the Visegrad Group countries on the level of cities.

Project applicability
Ukraine chose the course of the European integration. In these circumstances occurs the essential necessity of Ukrainian cities enclosing into the system of international connections for them to percept the advantages of the European integration. In this connection a task of special importance becomes strengthening of partnership relations between Ukrainian cities and cities of the Visegrad Group countries that have already realized effective economical and administrative reforms, entered to EU and NATO.

Project activities

1) Trainings in the regions of Ukraine   

The main themes: Practical aspects of the Eurointegration: experience of the V4 countries cities for the cities of Ukraine.

Key problems: Local self-government adaptation to the European requirements (standards, functions, organizational structure) on the example of the Visegrad Group countries cities; development of the Departments of the Eurointegration at the level of city local authority; introduction of the open municipal offices model; discussing of positives and negatives of the current Ukrainian municipal practices.

Geography of the trainings: three Ukrainian regions (Khmelnytskyi region, Volyn region and Autonomy Republic of Crimea).

Amount of each training participants: 40 persons.

Staff of the each training participants: mayors of Ukrainian cities, representatives of local authority (deputies of city councils, staff of city executive committees) of the whole region; professional lecturers, trainers, consultants.

Model of the conducting: theoretical session, interactive discussion, practicum, business game.

The first training

Practical aspects of Euro-integration:
Visegrad Group countries experience for Ukrainian cities

Khmelnytskyi, May 30, 2008

On May 30, 2008 in Khmelnytskyi city the training on the theme "Practical aspects of Eurointegration: Visegrad Group countries experience for Ukrainian cities" was conducted. The event was carried out by Institute of Society Transformation (IST) together with Khmelnytskyi National University in the frameworks of the project "Development of cities by the way of Eurointegration: Visegrad Group countries experience for Ukraine", supporting by the International Visegrad Fund (IVF).

Objectives of the training

  • To define issues and advantages of Ukraine and EU cooperation at the national and local level.
  • To study the experience of reforms and Eurointegration of the Visegrad Group countries.
  • To learn the methods of Visegrad Groups cities adaptation to EU requirements.
  • To get acquaintance with European municipal management practices for their implementation in Ukrainian cities.

Participants of the event:

Chiefs of Khmelnytskyi regional and city authority, city mayors and representatives of city municipal councils from Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsya, Chernivci and Ternopil regions, representatives of Institute of Society Transformation, Institute of International Relations of Kyiv National University, Atlantic Council of Ukraine, academic staff of Khmelnytskyi National University, Khmelnytskyi University of Management and Law, Khmelnytskyi Economic University, Khmelnytskyi Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship, regional mass-media.

[Training review]


2) Composing and publishing of methodic manual EU and local self-governance: Visegrad cities experience and the Ukrainian prospect for the effective conducting of the trainings.

Full version book
(4,07 Mb)

3) Creating of the autonomous page at the web-site of Institute of Society Transformation (www.ist.osp-ua.info) (www.ist.osp-ua.info) for the placement of operational and final materials of the Project. Advertising-informational banners for the each Project event will be created and placed in the Internet. Announcements of the project events and their results will be spread widely through the Internet and among the subscribers for the ISTs electronic materials (more than 3 000 addressees in Ukraine, Russia, Baltic and V4 countries).

4)Publication and printing of events results in the journal Economic Annals-XXI.

Target group
The below mentioned elements of the target group are related to the Ukrainian and Visegrad segments which will take part in the project:

  • Local municipal authority
  • Local public administrations and municipal staff
  • Local communities
  • Public organizations
  • Regional mass-media
  • Higher educational institutions

Consequence of the Project:
  • establishment of the long-term versatile contacts, coordination of Ukrainian cities and cities of the Visegrad Group countries municipal bodies activities;
  • creation of Ukrainian and Visegrad cities informal pool with the aim of strengthen connections between them;
  • formation of adaptation mechanisms of Ukrainian municipal management for the EU requirements on the basis of the Visegrad Group countries cities experience;
  • teaching of Ukrainian local authorities best practices of V4 cities in the field of local self-governance, investments attraction, communal housing services development, communal transport functioning and etc.;
  • wide spread of information via Internet and printed mass-media about the continuously functioning mechanisms of collaboration between Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic at the level of cities;
  • realizing by the Ukrainian society the necessity of deepening partnership relations in the European space, forming in the region of CEE environment of trustfulness and mutual understanding.

Project organizers:

International Visegrad Fund

Kralovske udolie 8, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
tel.: +421 2 5920 3811
Fax: +421 2 5920 3805
email: standard@visegradfund.org

Institut of Society Transformation

PO Box 297 Kyiv 01034 Ukraine


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