Project The European prospect of Ukrainian cities
in the context of Polish experience
(in terms of Feodosiya city)


01 August 2007 30 November 2007

Organization that implements the project: Institute of Society Transformation
Director of the organization: Oleh Soskin

Project is supported by Embassy of Republic of Poland in Ukraine


Content of the project

Preface and argumentation

In circumstances where Ukraine has chosen a course for the European integration, increasingly essential becomes the necessity to include local communities in this process. The Ukrainian cities should be integrated into the system of international relations, so that they would perceive the advantages of the European prospect and try to achieve it. The achievements of Poland which realized the effective economic and administrative reforms, the fact that it became the member of the EU and NATO, are a real example for Ukraine of how to act to succeed. For the Project is proposed Ukrainian city Feodosiya as the place for conduction of a number of actions, which are directed at the study of Polish reform experience and European integration with the aim of drawing the local community to the European prospect. Organization of the durable cooperation among the local self-government bodies, businessmen and territorial communities of Feodosiya and Kolobrzeg, conduction of joint scientific events and intellectual discussions all this will serve the purpose. In the course of the project implementation as the partners of the Institute of Society Transformation will be Feodosiya City Council Executive Committee and Feodosiya Financial and Economic Academy, that will include both local authorities, professorial and teaching stuff and students of Feodosiya city in studying of the Polish experience of the European integration. It will also help to maintain cooperation between Ukrainian and Polish colleagues. The results of the project activities are planned to be spread among the wide circle of interested general public in order to familiarize other cities with the projects achievements.


Brief content of the project

Initiating this project, the Institute of Society Transformation (ST) seeks, on the basis of the Polish experience, to develop the theoretical and practical mechanisms of Ukrainian cities joining the European community; to approbate the mentioned mechanisms in terms of Feodosiya city (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea); to prove that the European course of development is the best way to democracy and prosperity of the country. For this the ST plans to realize such project activities: to organize the working visit of the delegation of the city of Feodosiya to a Kolobrzeg for coming into contact and determination of forms and directions of teamwork; to organize the working visit of the delegation of a Polish city Kolobrzeg to the city of Feodosiya for fastening contacts and signing of the Agreement (Memorandum) on partnership of the cities; to organize and conduct in Feodosiya the Ukrainian-Polish scientific and practical conference on the topic Local self-governance in the EU countries: by the example of Polish cities experience.

Detailed description of the project

1. Organization and realization of the working visit of Feodosiya city delegation to Polish city-partner Kolobrzeg.

2. Organization of the return working visit of Kolobrzeg city delegation to Feodosiya for contacts fastening and signing of the Agreement on Partnership of the cities.

3.Preparation and conduct of the Ukrainian-Polish scientific and practical conference Local self-governance in the EU countries: by the example of Polish cities experience and round table Administrative and territorial reform: experience of Poland and possibilities of its introduction in Ukraine that will be carried out in the frameworks of the conference. These measures will be held after the visit of the Polish delegation to Feodosiya.

4. For each of the events, the Institute will prepare transcripts of discussions, edited versions of experts reports, and an analytical overview of the event (including the introduction, text of experts reports, summary of discussions, conclusions and propositions). They will also be distributed to the Institutes mailing list of 3 000 addresses. The IST will develop advertising and information panel and place it on the sites of the Internet holding IST.

Target list of the information distribution:

  • chiefs and staff of Presidential Secretariat and Government;
  • Committees and profile Commissions of Verkhovna Rada (Parliament);
  • chiefs of regional and municipal administrations and staff of self-governance bodies;
  • official establishment of Ukraine (National Security and Defense Council, National Bank etc.);
  • foreign embassies, representative offices of international organizations and funds (Representative Offices of the World Bank and of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Western NIS Enterprise Fund, USAID, Eurasia Found, Vidrodzhennya International Fund, etc.);
  • Think Tanks and academies;
  • chiefs of business structures and commercial banks;
  • leaders of public organizations;
  • local mass media in 400 cities of Ukraine;
  • libraries, etc.

Brief contents of the direct aims/results of the project

) general purpose:

To deepen cooperation between Ukraine and Poland in local self-government, and the advancement of democratic principles.

To raise the knowledge of Ukrainian and Polish citizens regarding the advantages of democracy.

To promote development of the Ukrainian cities on a way of the European integration.

b) direct purposes:
organization of partnership between two frontier territories Ukrainian city Feodosiya and Polish city Kolobrzeg with the purpose of coordination of their efforts and achievement of the appreciable success on the way to the European integration development.


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